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FundTag is the new way to donate. Open the app, choose the business, and take a snapshot of your receipt. You've just helped the cause of your choice.

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Grow your customer base by donating a small portion of each FundTag users' purchases to charity. You pay only after they pay you. Learn more

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What we're about.

FundTag was founded in order to foster and grow the connections between businesses and the communities in which they exist. The idea is to create a symbiotic relationship between businesses and members of the community by providing a mechanism for community members to direct financial support from these businesses to the schools, churches and charities that they believe are vital to the community. In exchange, the businesses that provide the financial support are rewarded with customer loyalty along with a modern, inexpensive, and effective way to advertise and expand their customer base.

For example, several FundTag founders lived in New Orleans when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed the region. We experienced first-hand the vital roles that charitable organizations and corporate citizens played in restoring the area, and returning affected citizens to their communities. Citizens rallied and were keen to help, but many were severely affected, displaced, and unable to assist in one of the most significant ways: financially. FundTag changes the game.

With FundTag everyone wins, and the community is better for it.

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